Product Overview

Product Overview

The increasing complexity of today’s product development makes verification a time consuming activity, involving tremendous manual effort as well. Given the reduced time-to-market scenario, this puts extra pressure on the verification process.

Organizations are looking beyond their walls in pursuit of continuous improvement of processes that result in increased Productivity and efficiency.

eNoah brings a unique experience through eTest Frameworks.

eTest is an integrated testing approach and expertise in automated Testing, which already has all the intelligence of performing the manual actions on any web related objects.

eTest guidelines can be tailor-made to specific requirements in any domain, technology or specific type of testing


  • SAHI

The frameworks (built on Java) integrate the Function libraries, Object Repositories, Test data sources, and various reusable functions to produce the business requirements in the form of reports.

eNoah carries the expertise in developing similar framework in other popular commercial tools(QTP, Test Complete) which are available in the market.

Automation Tools Expertise

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC 2.53.0
  • Selenium Web driver 2.53.0
  • Sahi V3.0
  • QTP V10.0 / UFT 12.53
  • Test Complete 11.31

eTEST Reports

  • eTest Summary Report
  • eTest Detailed Report

The Framework supplies two robust test reports after each Test Plan Execution. The summary report is generated with respect to the Test Plan and Detailed report is generated with respect to Test Steps of each Test Script .

Summary Report

Overall Summarization of the Test Plan execution result is included in the summary report with a graphical representation of the  Total Passed, Failed & Skipped Test Scripts in the Test plan.Status of every Test Script of the Test Plan is generated in this report along with the time taken for each Test Script execution.

Detailed Report

Detailed report will include the execution status of all the Test steps in the Test Script which are executed.It includes the execution summary of the Test steps and the time taken for each test step execution.In case of Test Step failure, the detailed report displays the reason for failure.